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The Locomotive Has Come To A Standstill

The jazz world has lost two more of its many great musicians. Ralph Peterson and Duffy Jackson died within a few days. Peterson has been a star drummer for decades and he was involved in more than 150 records and played with Uri Caine, Branford Marsalis and Terence Blanchard. His style shaped numerous famous jazz bands. Because of his class, fans saw him as the locomotive of his bands, pulling everyone else behind him. Now Peterson died after his fight against cancer. Ralph Peterson attached great importance to a thorough training as a musician. He passed on his knowledge and...

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Psycho Duel on Drums


In 2014, a film surprised audiences and critics alike. Whiplash initially won the audience and the jury prize at the renowned Sundance film festival. A year later, the surprise film received five Oscar nominations including nominations for "Best Film" and "Best Actor in a supporting role". Drums (more…)

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Keeping Your Beats Fresh

Many songs can be identified by their drum beat alone, with the drums often a driving force of intensity and a constant rhythm, they are omnipresent in most styles of music. Getting your drums to become this iconic is no easy feat, beginners typically only know a handful of beats and it can quickly become apparent in your albums if you don’t have a pro behind the kit. This isn’t the end though, digital drummers can take over the duties, but you may want a more long-term plan for making your drums stand out. Try these tactics that will switch...

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5 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Drums Better

The drums are a substantial foundation for almost all modern music. Keeping a pounding rhythm has been around since tribal dances first started stomping on the ground, whereas today a much cleaner and more professional drum sound populates music. No matter the genre, any time drums are featured there is something you can do to your recordings to help them cross the threshold from amateur to radio worthy. You don’t need lots of expensive high-tech equipment to make this happen you just need to be ware of some of the tweaks used in the industry to make drums sound the...

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A Look at Drum and Bass

Drum and Bass (often Drum ‘n’ bass or just DnB) is a genre of music that hit the height of its popularity in the 1990’s. Today other genres that have been adapted from this style have stepped in to become the more prominent sound, namely dubstep. Drum and Bass however was significantly different back in its prime as it grew out of the rave culture and became its own animal. (more…)

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5 Reasons to Get A Drum Machine

For anyone who has been to see a live band, they will know that live drums really make up the body of a live set. With guitars and vocals using microphones or amplified by electronics, the real, authentic sounds of music you are hearing are likely to be coming only from the drums. (more…)

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Styles May Vary

Though the majority of modern songs have drums in them, from pop to Classical, they don’t all operate in the same manner. Yes, the drum kits themselves may be very similar, but the style of play varies widely from one genre to the next. When in the studio, it is a very useful talent for a drummer to have more than one style in their repertoire and being able to discern between the different tempos and rhythms is what makes for a speedy creation process. Once you start listening to drums more actively as you listen to music you will...

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Come for the Band, Stay for the Drums

Foo Fighters You may have the Foo’s pushed back to the recesses of your mind thanks to their popularity in the charts whenever they release an album, though however catchy their tracks may be the collective skills of the band should never be forgotten. With two drummers at hand namely Taylor Hawkins and of course drummer turned frontman Dave Grohl at the helm, these two actually interchange positions often at live shows and in the odd track. Though they are more than capable of whacking out a hit song every year the drum works can still clearly be seen on...

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Other Percussion Instruments That are Vital to a Band

When most people think about percussion in music they think about the drums. However, there are other percussion instruments that are vital to a band. Percussion instruments produce sound when they are shaken or hit, and it may seem therefore that they are easy to play. However, percussion instruments are generally hard to learn how to perform on, yet they are very useful and provide an additional element to the sound of the music that is being created. Additional percussion instruments can be added to various types of bands from the orchestra to even rock groups. Percussion is not limited...

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How Instruments Complement Each Other

People have been making music and combining different musical instruments for a long time. Each combination of musical instruments can lead to a unique sound. Which instruments to combine and how they should be mixed depends on the type of melody and rhythm that the musician wants to achieve. Combining instruments successfully is really an art form that takes some practice and experience. The tools should be combined in such a way that the sound of one enhances the sound of the other. This is not always easy to achieve and requires some understanding in music and the type of...

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