3 Best Drummers Of Today

Drummers are different people. They play the loudest instrument and perpetually in the midst of loud music. The whole group depends on the drummer to keep the flow together; the drummer dictates the rhythm and pace while other members of the band try to follow suit. Drummers deal with lots of pressure; you are carrying the whole band and doing all dirty work without taking any glory. When the lead singer makes a mistake, the drummer covers it and makes it look like it was part of the plan. Without proper training, you cannot be a good drummer. You need to be drilled before you take up the sticks.

So who are the best drummers of our time?

Let’s get through a list of three guys who have never let the sticks down.

Mike Portnoy

Mike plays the drum like no other, his tattoos, beard long hair, and arms look just like he was created for the sticks. Born and raised in New York, Mike is a self-thought drummer, and he founded his band “Dream Theater”. He is loved and adored by fans all over America and has played his way to the drummer’s hall of fame. He has been consistent with his success, for 12 years now he has been the best progressive rock drummer in the modern drummer magazines reader’s poll and is one of the youngest drummers to achieve this feat.

Benny Greb

Do not be deceived by his appearance; Benny doesn’t look like he is into music. His tall, slender frame, with brown bears and entertaining spectacle, makes him look like a science professor, but Benny has never failed to sell out any of his gigs he is just an excellent drummer that knows his way around the sticks. He was born in Germany and quickly developed his love for all kinds of music, but his best talent lies with the sticks. At the age of 12, Benny was already the lead drummer for a punk band, and from here he rose quickly to become the best drummer in the world. He combines his talent plus hard work and is always developing his styles and inventing new drumming sounds. He owns a famous drummers clinic where he offers master classes for young and upcoming drummers.

Jason Bittner

Jason is a natural drummer, and although he started taking drumming lessons from the age of ten, he is one of the best talents the world have ever seen. He was born in New York in 1970 and went on to study music at the Berkeley music school in 1988. He launched his drumming career and is one of the most sought-after drummers of his time. He has the speed, which sometimes leaves his audience in a state of disbelieving, what he does with the drum is just amazing, he plays complex drum patterns look so merely his talent has won him numerous modern drummers magazine awards for both upcoming category and best-recorded performance. He is just too good to be true. The drum is an essential music instrument that is difficult to master, but these guys have gone ahead to prove that they have learned this art, with their talent and hard work, they have dominated this area of music and are the best in what they do.