5 Reasons to Get A Drum Machine

For anyone who has been to see a live band, they will know that live drums really make up the body of a live set. With guitars and vocals using microphones or amplified by electronics, the real, authentic sounds of music you are hearing are likely to be coming only from the drums.


The hit of the kick is powerful, the snap of the snare intense and the cymbals help fill the room with sound, this is great for a conventional rock outfit but what if you want something different. For years electronic alternatives have made their way into live performance, after all if all the other instruments are augmented electronically why not the drums? Drum pads and drum machines come in all manner of varieties depending on the skill level and needs of each artist, each has its own merits, yet the drum machine itself has some universal benefits over regular drums. Here are some of the reasons you may want to think about modernizing your set up.

Quiet Practice

Before you even get on stage you need to put in as much practice as possible, and for drums this can be awkward. From complaining neighbors to just the amount of space you need to set up a full kit, practicing drums can be troublesome. With a drum machine; however, you can adjust your volume or even plug in some headphones to your computer and go mad without waking anyone up.


Drummers more than anyone know the perils of gigging. Deconstructing your kit, trying to fit it into the back of a car, dragging it all out only to put it back together again and repeat at the end of the night. It is unquestionably the most tiresome of instruments when on tour with lots of pieces to get lost damaged or even stolen. With your drum machine you have a single standalone piece of equipment that you can likely fit in a rucksack, no trouble.


Unlike with a kit, you can mix and match the sounds on a drum pad in a blink. No more pitching your snare or having to buy a mountain of cymbals for that one particular sound, here it is all at your fingertips and free to swap whenever. This means you can use drum sounds and other sounds too, lay out some vocal samples or grab a snippet of an orchestra, the world of music is yours to play with when you have a sampler.

Mixing Control

Unlike with analogue kits here you have way more control over sound, not just with which specific sound but the mixing of each one too. Change pitch, add effects, alter your volume without compromising on intensity. With a drum machine you can tweak your drums to perfection in a way you just cant do with a drum kit.


After all is said and done the option to get a beat to play itself is amazing. You kit simply cannot do this, so if you are a solo artist in need of backing the playback of your beat is essential. Here you can jam with yourself, improvise on stage or simply layer your performance as you go to create a full song with little more than your drum machine, whereas a drum kit will forever be just a drum kit.