Are Electric Drums Better than Real Drums

There is no doubt that you can play the drums on both forms, there can be a few significant differences you need to know. If you are looking to purchase your first drum set, you may be asking yourself that are electric drums better than real drums? It is necessary to get real when it comes down to playing the drums and what type of drum set is best for you. If you are in a home where you share walls, you need to consider what your environment will accommodate well and evaluate your drumming goals. The electric drums and the real drum are similar in some ways, but it is necessary to know some facts about the two types of drums. Here are some of the quirks that both electric drums and real drums have.


Electric drums require a smaller storage space due to their floor print, and they will comfortably fit into small rooms and stages. On the other hand, a real drum (acoustic drum) needs a lot of space, and they are not easy to move around. An electronic drum can be set up and taken down in no time, and they can also be taken apart as you want for proper storage. However, acoustic drums have several positional options and are superior thereby allowing heights of drums and angles placed in your preferred position due to their adjustable stands.


The sound produced by the two sets is one of their significant differences. An electronic drum means that your sounds will be generated electronically and you can easily plug in an earpiece to get the sound alone. An electronic drum kit will have a control module that all the drum components will need to be plugged into in other to register it. It’s easy for you to change the kit sound and switch from jazz to hip-hop to rock. The real drums produce all your sound itself. Tuned drums and metal cymbals will respond to your strike has you heat them with drumsticks. An acoustic drum silencer pad can be used to reduce the volume of real drums drastically.


Although buying drums require some expertise, you can find great acoustic drum kits for beginners around $350-$500, and you can see electronic drums around this price range as well although you may need an amplifier which will cost you around $100-$300 depending on your requirements. The price for the two types are quite close, but professionals often prefer to change some parts of the acoustic as their skills advances.


Drumming skills from both drums can be transferred between the two drum sets, if you have a specific goal in mind, it is advisable to be comfortable with the kind of drum that suits your target perfectly. If you are looking to play on a stage along the live band, then you should go for the real drum. The feel of the authentic sound from the actual drum his highly cherished in live performances. If you’re looking to record your music tunes to the computer and compose your drum, then using the electric drum is the best way to do that as you don’t need to set up extra microphones to capture your performance.