Drumming is fun, healthy and drummers are valuable gems among musicians. There is nothing that can replace the instincts and feel of a real drummer. Have you ever dreamt of being a drummer? Have you always wanted to learn how to drum but you never actually gone ahead? Do you have a kid that’s so passionate about drumming? If the answer to any of this question is yes, choosing the best starter drum kit can be confusing rather than interesting with every brand claiming to have the best set. Apparently, you can get discouraged with the challenge of getting the perfect starter drum set. Here, you will get some excellent information and fact along with some review about the best beginner set available in the market.


With one of the lowest prices in the market, Gammon Percussion Battle Series Drum Set is an entry-level drum set from Gammon that gives you all the basics necessary to get started with drumming. The gammon focuses on providing beginners with amazing sets with this affordable kit. The drum set is perfect to nurture a strong passion for drumming that can be built upon later. The drum set features a starter DVD, hi-hat pedals, chain driven bass, full-sized adult kit for not much than junior bags. This drum set is fashioned for beginners in every fashion, just like all budget kits, it gives you a decent tune. Overall, the Gammon offers the perfect starting point for a beginner to start their journey into the drum world.


The Ludwig brand is one of the most popular brands when it comes to drums, coming into the mainstream through Ringo Starr of the Beetles in the 1960s. The accent drive five-piece set gives you an entry into their range, so you don’t have to worry about getting professional grade equipment Ringo used in the 60s. With all necessary factors considered, the accent is a good starter drum set for beginners that offers them all the things needed for them to get started. The drum set sounds genuinely great with just a little tuning. The collection provides one of the best levels of quality usually obtained from more expensive kits. It also features a Remo Pinstripe, UT heads, seven-ply favourite shell and even velvet bags for convenience when moving. The equipment is available in Azure Blue, Black Sparkle, and white sparkle. You will get good quality tones and compactness on such a meagre budget.


Considered by some as the best beginner drum set of 2017, the drum set is another masterpiece from one of the big-name drum makers pearl. The quality produced by this starter kit surpassed expectations from a drum set this chip. The drum set, though beginner, is built based on Pearl’s advanced technologies with one of the best cymbals have seen so far. It also features chain-driven pedals, Geared locking stand, nine-ply poplar shells that reliable enough for gigging. You should choose this one because you happen to own nice cymbals to complete this almost professional-level kit.

Getting a drum set depends solely on your budget and like every other thing in life, you will get what you pay for. If you are on such a tight budget, you should check out the best cheap drum sets for beginners. If you are willing to pay as much as possible for best quality, check out best drum sets.