Come for the Band, Stay for the Drums

Foo Fighters

You may have the Foo’s pushed back to the recesses of your mind thanks to their popularity in the charts whenever they release an album, though however catchy their tracks may be the collective skills of the band should never be forgotten. With two drummers at hand namely Taylor Hawkins and of course drummer turned frontman Dave Grohl at the helm, these two actually interchange positions often at live shows and in the odd track. Though they are more than capable of whacking out a hit song every year the drum works can still clearly be seen on almost every record.


You probably know the British band for its long, complex and insanely fast guitar solos, which has excelled the bands name through association with the game Guitar Hero, but in order to keep up with the lightning fast riffs the drummer here is also heroic. On their earlier album the great ‘Sonic Firestorm’ Scottish drummer Dave Mackintosh provided the beats. Here double pedals were rife and more than anything constant. Any drummer will commend the man for his stamina alone as he manages to sustain his pace throughout their lengthy high-speed tracks some of which last a leg breaking 9 minutes long.


Masked metal musicians Slipknot are probably more infamous for their style and sonic aggression, which is in part due to their drums. With Joey Jordison (known as #1) mashing away on the main kit which all on its own would account for noteworthy drums, Slipknot’s intense sound is delivered thanks to its other percussionists. Chris Fehn (#3) provides additional drums and electronic ones alongside Shawn Crahan (#6) who provides all manner of additional percussion ranging from steel drum sets to hitting a metal barrel with a baseball bat. This colossal mix of clustered drums sounds at different pitches allows for the iconic chaotic and tribal sound that is part of the bands signature. With all this as a huge pull already when seen live their mix of hovering and rotating kits make them not only an audio sensation but a visual one.

Blue Man Group

Another band known for their appearance over their musicianship, however you wouldn’t be the only one to overlook these guys as simple showmen thanks to their entertainment hubs in several places. What the men in blue do very well however is use percussion, in their early live shows they had an entire drum wall which is exactly what it sounds like – an entire wall of drummers providing the backing to their live shows. Since then their shows have evolved into unique multimedia entertainment pieces but the music is still very much a part of it. These guys have been seen everywhere putting neon pains on to their snares only to splash the fluid everywhere one they begin playing. Fans will also know that they have a handful of makeshift instruments they have designed from PVC pipe which they turn into percussion instruments by drumming on top of them and adjusting their length. Listen to their album audio to be mesmerised by their drum work and creativity.