Greatest Movies About Drummers to Get You Motivated to Play

Sometimes watching a movie can really inspire and motivate you to do something. If you are an aspiring musician, especially a drummer, then you may be looking for just the right thing to give you a little boost to improve your skills and encourage you to keep up the hard work. And there are some really fantastic movies to watch that will inspire and motivate you in your journey as a musician.


The movie “Whiplash” was nominated for and won several Academy Awards in addition to winning at the Sundance Festival in 2014. The movie, released in that same year, follows the relationship of a young jazz student and his harsh music teacher. The movie is full of intense scenes that capture the drama associated with trying to make it as a jazz musician. You will be drawn in by the love story, albeit slightly torturous, of a boy and his beloved instrument.

Gene Krupa Story

The “Gene Krupa Story” is a biographical movie about the legendary drummer of the same name. The movie was made in 1959, so it may not be the most recent movie in this genre, however it still tells a compelling story and is sure to give drive to any young musician. This movie may appeal more to the serious student aspiring to become a drummer as it gives a good and fairly accurate portrayal of that world and has enough drumming action to really stir up interest. Despite being somewhat dated it has enough drumstick action to keep you watching and some skills are never out of date!

That Thing You Do

This is a movie that came out in 1996 and is still a hit today. It is set in the 1960s shortly after the Beatles became famous and follows the story of a jazz drummer who joins a band and becomes responsible for the popularity and subsequent success of the band. This movie was written, directed and also acted in by Tom Hanks. There is plenty of drama and some comedy in the movie, and of course plenty of drumming to inspire any budding drummers.


Another great movie to watch about drumming is actually a French movie “Subway”. This one came out in 1985 and tells the story of a drummer who frequents the French metro to show case his skills as often as possible. Ultimately a criminal ends up forming a band in the subway to which the drummer is recruited to play. Not only is there a great story but there are also many great drumming scenes depicted in the movie.


For pure energy and joy, that will inspire even a non-musical person to consider the drums, look no further than the 2002 movie “Drumline.” This awesome movie tells the story of a young snare drummer who plays for an American College drum line. The story is full of intense drumming scenes as the college takes part in various competitions. The movie is high energy and exciting from finish to end and is sure to appeal to young people who are interested in music, marching bands and of course drums!