How Instruments Complement Each Other

People have been making music and combining different musical instruments for a long time. Each combination of musical instruments can lead to a unique sound. Which instruments to combine and how they should be mixed depends on the type of melody and rhythm that the musician wants to achieve. Combining instruments successfully is really an art form that takes some practice and experience. The tools should be combined in such a way that the sound of one enhances the sound of the other. This is not always easy to achieve and requires some understanding in music and the type of sounds that instruments can produce.

Genre and Sounds

Which instruments to combine also depends on the type of music genre that a person is concerned with. For instance, musicians who are playing folk music tend to blend acoustic instruments such as banjos, guitars and harmonicas together. They may also include a flute, hand drums and a string bass. These musical instruments can be combined to give the music a typical folk music sound.

Country music combines electric music and acoustic music. They often use a pedal steel guitar and dobros. Country rock music also uses guitar but places even more focus on the electric instruments and usually the lead guitar has more prominence.

Rock music has more focus placed on the drums which are combined with the sound of the electric guitar. There are also usually two guitars played, the bass guitar and the rhythm guitar. The different guitars work well together in complementing the sound of the music that is being played. The drums give the loudness so typical of rock music, as well as providing the rhythm and beat for the music, which in turn complements the guitars.

Jazz music typically relies on brass instruments such as the clarinet, trumpet and saxophone. The brass instruments provide a distinctive sound that is typical of the jazz genre. It is actually quite easy to recognize jazz music because of this. There is also often a guitar and piano used in this style. These combinations of instruments are complementary resulting in a pleasing sound within each genre.

Unique Sounds

If you are interested in creating your own sound, you should start by choosing musical instruments that fit in with your genre of music. You can then experiment to see what sounds you can produce and how the rings of the instruments work together when played at different pitches. For instance, one person can play one instrument at a lower than normal pitch and another at a higher than normal pitch. It may take some experimenting to achieve the sound that you want. A very impressive example of how musical instruments complement each other is the playing of musical instruments in an orchestra. The orchestra represents the epitome of playing instruments to complement each other. The different equipment has to be played in such a way as to create a harmonious sound. The musicians in the orchestra also obviously have to work together unitedly to create the perfect sound of the music.