Drum Kits for Beginners, Where to Learn How to Play Drums, Best Drum Songs and much more! 




Drums are as essential to a song as an engine is to a vehicle. They are the one of the significant element that gives a song a real rhythm and harmony. Nothing pleases more than taking up a pair of sticks and creating a rhythm going on a high-quality drum set. Something is invigorating about having the ability to develop jam or flow with a band in a song with different tones of drums allowing the bodies to do the rest of the work. Whether you are considering buying a new drum set, or a full-gigging professional trying to pick...

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Drumming is an integral and fascinating part of every music, it is the rhythm and beats made by drums that we sway our body to when we listen to exciting rock music. Drummers are one of the rare organists to find, and this has created the demand for drummers high. Drumming is an art, just like every other skill it can be learned and mastered. The essential skill and drum techniques can be acquired on an afternoon, but it could take you months or even years of practice to master. Where you choose to learn drumming also plays a vital...

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Drumming is fun, healthy and drummers are valuable gems among musicians. There is nothing that can replace the instincts and feel of a real drummer. Have you ever dreamt of being a drummer? Have you always wanted to learn how to drum but you never actually gone ahead? Do you have a kid that’s so passionate about drumming? If the answer to any of this question is yes, choosing the best starter drum kit can be confusing rather than interesting with every brand claiming to have the best set. Apparently, you can get discouraged with the challenge of getting the...

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We all have our favourite music genre; more often than not we get so engrossed in our beloved style we forget to explore others. We all know of Hip-hop, jazz, R&B, but have you ever heard of drum songs? What are drum songs? Drum songs are rock song that is famous for their fantastic drum parts. Regardless of where they are playing from, the head, crotch, heart or the combination of the three. Drum songs highlight the beauty of drummers, and on this list, we are going to be looking at the songs of drummers who have helped create some...

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