Drums are as essential to a song as an engine is to a vehicle. They are the one of the significant element that gives a song a real rhythm and harmony. Nothing pleases more than taking up a pair of sticks and creating a rhythm going on a high-quality drum set. Something is invigorating about having the ability to develop jam or flow with a band in a song with different tones of drums allowing the bodies to do the rest of the work. Whether you are considering buying a new drum set, or a full-gigging professional trying to pick out your next kit, here are some of the best drum kits you can acquire:



The pearl export is an inexpensive set that is slightly above entry level, perfect for those who are already accustomed to the drumming and are steps towards being a musician. The pearl export has opti-loc suspension system easy-to-use and three-way attachment design that help in stability, stable tom holders and chrome hardware. The pearl export is worth every penny spent on it with their robust construction, mounting system and the remarkable sound that comes from it. The export series is available in lacquer or wrapped finishes as well as a variety of colours, jet black, pure white, chrome, grindstone sparkle, red wine. The pedal allows for different adjustment, holds up well to heavy use. Their hardware is best you can get with reliable, durable and reliable with its beautiful look.


The Gretsh Catalina series is a high-quality band that’s inexpensive compared to competing brands of their calibre. The drum set is made of high quality 7-ply wood that is very adorable. Apart from the excellent build and beautiful outlook of the maple shell material, the sound is obvious and quite easy to play. The GTS mounting system makes it a lot better than the others out there as it helps to keep the cymbals and drums sturdy. The drum set is perfect for jazz with 18-inch bass although I would serve drum-n-bass musicians as well. It features a relaxed retro style, rich tone without sounding muddy and centre-mounted low mass lugs. It is also available in different colours and finishes as well as configuration for more than the standard 5-piece drum set. The Gretsch Catalina is definitely worth the money.


As a drum enthusiast, you must have heard about PDP drums as they are trendy. The New Yorker is reliable because of its all-around quality and a middle price-point. For a drum set of its price, it offers high quality without having to break your bank. The PDP New Yorker features a favourite drum shell material with 45 degree bearing edges and colours primarily of diamond and sapphire. Some people consider the drum an entry-level kit, but recommended for those looking for the essentials in a drum without a fancy shell or build material that may increase the price significantly.

PDP drums